NOT Just for the Birds!

Happy Monday! With the warmer weather, I started hanging some bird feeders I bought for my new yard. I can’t wait to see them filled with birds and most likely I’ll get a jay or two! I thought about bringing out some of my antique bird cages to hang in the trees but then decided they were safer in the house!

What do you do with your antique and decorative bird cages? Do you hang them up with a plant in them? Do you put a decorative faux bird and possibly a nest in them? I’ll admit, that has been the extent of my creativity, until now!

Adding something you collect is a wonderful way to get a 360 degree view of that special collection. There are no rules! If it matters to you, display it!










Adding candles can give a room a subtle glow to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. You can also add a small lamp and make your antique bird cage a light source.




What do you think about the idea of putting a collection of like-colored items or like-themed items together? We have so many great little pieces in the store that would fit into this idea!


Finally, there is this practical idea which I really like! My little miner’s cottage doesn’t have a lot of storage so an idea like this makes practical very cute! You can also stack towels, place makeup supplies in decorative containers, or add Mason jars filled with cotton balls, etc.



Remember, whatever you choose to do with your bird cages, please come by to share the results. In the meantime, enjoy the spring weather, the sounds of the birds chirping and all of the new fresh flowers that keep popping up in unexpected places!

Carolyn, hanging out with Nancie, Winston, and Ziggy



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  1. Nancie says:

    LOVE the books in the birdcage – sooo many great ideas!

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