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The staff at Lafayette Antiques and Home Decor would like to congratulate all of the graduating classes of 2019! Whether you are graduating from Kindergarten or college, it’s such an exciting time of life! Best wishes to all!

NOT Just for the Birds!

Happy Monday! With the warmer weather, I started hanging some bird feeders I bought for my new yard. I can’t wait to see them filled with birds and most likely I’ll get a jay or two! I thought about bringing out some of my antique bird cages to hang in the trees but then decided they were safer in the house!

What do you do with your antique and decorative bird cages? Do you hang them up with a plant in them? Do you put a decorative faux bird and possibly a nest in them? I’ll admit, that has been the extent of my creativity, until now!

Adding something you collect is a wonderful way to get a 360 degree view of that special collection. There are no rules! If it matters to you, display it!










Adding candles can give a room a subtle glow to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. You can also add a small lamp and make your antique bird cage a light source.




What do you think about the idea of putting a collection of like-colored items or like-themed items together? We have so many great little pieces in the store that would fit into this idea!


Finally, there is this practical idea which I really like! My little miner’s cottage doesn’t have a lot of storage so an idea like this makes practical very cute! You can also stack towels, place makeup supplies in decorative containers, or add Mason jars filled with cotton balls, etc.



Remember, whatever you choose to do with your bird cages, please come by to share the results. In the meantime, enjoy the spring weather, the sounds of the birds chirping and all of the new fresh flowers that keep popping up in unexpected places!

Carolyn, hanging out with Nancie, Winston, and Ziggy



As Cute as a Button!

“As cute as a button” can be about anything absolutely adorable, including buttons! How many of you have loose buttons on top of your washer or dryer, in the bottom of a drawer (or two or three), collecting in a jar, and that’s all they do…collect…and collect some more with each new loose button or extra button on a new shirt. I put mine in a jar now! They look adorable, some might say “as cute as a button!”

We have lots of buttons in the store and it made me wonder (I do that a lot!) what I could do with buttons… Well, there are so many incredible ideas that I thought I would share some here!

You can display them in a salt shaker with a pretty ribbon or a button flower bouquet!


There are button flowers to display in a jar

and button pictures galore!



I really love this last idea because I have an antique Bingo cage and cards and this would be a great way to show one or two of the cards!

No matter what you choose to do with your buttons, you know that we always want to see the finished project!

Please stop in, introduce yourselves if we haven’t met yet and then head off to find buttons, frames, shaker jars, and whatever else you might need to complete your project. Can’t wait to see you!

Carolyn, hanging out with Nancie, Winston, and Ziggy

Did You Know?

Did you know that this store has 7 ROOMS and 3 FLOORS???

Most people who walk in are completely surprised by this fact!!! From the outside, Lafayette Antiques & Home Decor is a quiet little unassuming shop. Then you walk in and find you are in a wonderland of antiques that will take you on a walk down memory lane…

I cannot count how many times I have heard, “Oh, my grandmother used to have that in her kitchen!”

“We used that kind of phone to make calls and I would stretch the cord as far as it could go!”

“I went fishing with my dad and he always kept his worms in an old coffee can.”


Three floors??? Yes, we do!


When you walk in, you will be on the first floor. Standing here, you will find the original wood floor from the shoe store that once occupied this part of the building. This space contains beautiful antique cabinets, jewelry, china, Fiesta ware, a random rooster or two, and Nancie, Carolyn, or Jen waiting to chat with you as you check out!


Walk up four steps and you will find yourself in the world of vintage crates and more in Green Frog Antiques, everything kitchen in Gramma K’s, a hallway of treasures…


and more rustic riches in a room full of crocks and trunks and western figurines.



Heading down the wood floor hallway, you will find a few steps taking you down into the basement where you can still see the old garage door that opened to the garage where Terry used to work.  (Ask Nancie about Terry.) Down here you will find a room dedicated to vintage baby clothing and toys, sewing items, handmade doilies and quilts, and my favorite, teacups just waiting for a Sunday afternoon tea party and a group of giggling children. We also have fishing supplies, a stove or two, old windows, a corner full of frilly dishes and pictures that take you back to the Victorian days.


This is just a little snapshot into the three floors and seven rooms of Lafayette Antiques.  When you are ready to wander back in time, please stop in, introduce yourselves if we haven’t met yet and then head off onto your journey. Can’t wait to see you!

Carolyn, hanging out with Nancie, Winston, and Ziggy

Today’ Inspiration

Good morning beautiful ladies. I hope you week is going GREAT!

I am ready for camping season, but it looks like I will be camping in my driveway. State park prices went up to $36 per day. Ugh, guess they needed to, but that is 10-12 bucks more a day.


Thanks for stopping by today, and every day to see what we’re up to!

Have an awesome week.

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy


Let’s Talk Crocks

Let’s talk about crocks! No, not those cute little shoes perfect for summer wear! Those beautiful stoneWARE pottery pieces that were once used to hold food before the days of refrigeration.

They were watertight and could hold a wide variety of items. Well, now we don’t need to hold food in them! We have a wide variety of crocks in the store, different sizes and shapes, with limitless possibilities for use in your home!

These two are my favorites! I don’t use traditional end tables in my home so a large crock would be perfect in my meditation library next to my reading chair! And what a great way to display your collection of antique kitchen gadgets!!!

I also use a crock for a doorstop because the stoneware is heavy, so think about bookends or holding up an old bookshelf that has just a bit of a lean but you just can’t part with it!

Entertaining is another great time to re-purpose your smaller crocks! You can put your Grandmother’s flatware out in a crock if you are serving your delicious meal banquet style.

We all know what Nancie uses her crocks for…planters!!!


Whatever you use your crocks for, please stop in, introduce yourselves if we haven’t met, and show us pictures of what you have done! Can’t wait to see you!

Carolyn, hanging out with Nancie, Winston, and Ziggy


Today’s Inspiration


Good morning to all of you beautiful ladies!! I hope your week is going awesome and you have some awesome spring weather to enjoy!


Thanks for stopping by today, and every day to see what we’re up to!

Have an awesome week.

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy

Vintage Planter Collections

I have a LOVE and addiction for vintage planters. If you have been in the store within the last several months you know that I have some plants that are growing like weeds!

I had to bring all my plants to the store because I kept killing them at home because I am never there and kept forgetting to water them.

We have a large selection of vintage planters – various styles, colors, and sizes! What is not to love about these beauties?



Take a look at these planters – I so need to get my head out of the clouds and use my planters with a little more imagination! And add color to more areas of my life! 🙂



I hope you guys feel inspired add to your collections, or use your collections in new ways! Now I am off to look at our planters with a different eye!

Thanks for stopping by today, and every day to see what we’re up to!

Have an awesome week.

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy

Today’s Inspiration

This might be a good reminder to “me” when I have to remind myself how old I am getting! The calendar tells me I am one age, and my mind tells me I am 20 years younger! 🙂



Thanks for stopping by today, and every day to see what we’re up to!

Have an awesome week.

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy

Re-Purposed Old Doors

Let’s talk old doors today. Olds doors in themselves are such a work of art, and if you’re lucky to have the original hardware, it can’t get any better!

There are soooo many uses for old doors. I use them as dividers at antique shows, and then hang signs, birdhouses, and more on them.

One of my favorite shows is Flea Market Flip, and I have seen many old door flips, but never as a bar, and this bar is totally awesome!!

Can you imagine this in a rustic cabin????

I have a couple of corner cabinets made out of old doors and I just love them. They aren’t too big and take up a lot of space, and the rustic hardware is totally awesome!


This stunning potting bench would look awesome either in the house full of beautiful house plants, or on the deck with lots of flowers and color!

I just may have inspired myself to move my potting bench to the patio by the shop so that I can enjoy it when I am relaxing and enjoying the sun!



I hope you guys feel inspired to spend a few minutes a day just enjoying life around you, and thinking about your next project! We love pics, so please tag us when sharing!

Thanks for stopping by today, and every day to see what we’re up to!

Have an awesome week.

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy