As Cute as a Button!

“As cute as a button” can be about anything absolutely adorable, including buttons! How many of you have loose buttons on top of your washer or dryer, in the bottom of a drawer (or two or three), collecting in a jar, and that’s all they do…collect…and collect some more with each new loose button or extra button on a new shirt. I put mine in a jar now! They look adorable, some might say “as cute as a button!”

We have lots of buttons in the store and it made me wonder (I do that a lot!) what I could do with buttons… Well, there are so many incredible ideas that I thought I would share some here!

You can display them in a salt shaker with a pretty ribbon or a button flower bouquet!


There are button flowers to display in a jar

and button pictures galore!



I really love this last idea because I have an antique Bingo cage and cards and this would be a great way to show one or two of the cards!

No matter what you choose to do with your buttons, you know that we always want to see the finished project!

Please stop in, introduce yourselves if we haven’t met yet and then head off to find buttons, frames, shaker jars, and whatever else you might need to complete your project. Can’t wait to see you!

Carolyn, hanging out with Nancie, Winston, and Ziggy

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