Unique Lights to Create


The hubby of one of our dealers has made some amazing lights / lamps out of found objects in the store.

How about these?? I am showing you some amazing ideas to create lighting for your home today, and everyone of these items can be found today in the store!




This is an amazing old funnel that has been converted to a wall lamp.

Such a cute idea for the rustic home or cabin






This is a new one for me. I have planted in old Thermos’ but I have never thought of creating a lamp out of them

Just love creating with unique vintage pieces!







We have an old fan blade off a boat motor in the store, and I have been trying to figure out what to create with it. Guess I now have a couple of ideas!!





Have you been creating lamps out of found objects?? Please share!! We can’t wait to see all of your creations!!

Hope you all have an amazing day!!

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy




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