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Today’ Inspiration

Good morning beautiful ladies. I hope you week is going GREAT!

I am ready for camping season, but it looks like I will be camping in my driveway. State park prices went up to $36 per day. Ugh, guess they needed to, but that is 10-12 bucks more a day.


Thanks for stopping by today, and every day to see what we’re up to!

Have an awesome week.

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy


Today’s Inspiration


Thanks for stopping by today! Have an awesome day!

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy

Today’s Inspiration

This is a wonderful time of year to make memories. It was always fun watching the girls during the holidays. They loved the lights, decorating the tree, and making cookies for Santa!

This quote is just a little reminder to make memories that we can cherish a lifetime!



Happy Wednesday!

Nancie, Winston & Ziggy

Today’s Inspirational Quote




Have an awesome day!

Nancie & Winston